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Mehak owns this most yummilicious brand "Chocolate Desire"! She graduated and went for Masters in Business Administration but she knew this wasn't her thing... she always had a passion for chocolates! She started learning chocolate making, she then established forte in chocolate making and that too in variety like ganache, liquor chocos, flavoured, etc!

It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating at Chocolate Desire
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Being a waffle lover, I was delighted to try this place. I tried waffle with nutella and strawberry icecream. I loved the presentation of the waffles. Every bite of it was sinfully indulgent. I would love to try more range of items from this place.
-Radhika Agarwal

Tried the Brownie Jar here and loved it... full of chocolate that contributes to SINful eating but a must try option. Lot of varieties in pan cakes & waffles too... will surely enjoy other offerings too.. happy eating..
-Nikhil Sharma

This place is one of my favorite places now when it comes to Waffles in the whole town. I'd never have imagined that a small quaint beautiful outlet like this one would make me so happy with their food. This, to me, is a true hidden gem discovered.
-Kaustav Dutta

It's a small bakery in lajpat nagar. I visited this bakery to try a variety of desserts. I really loved the chocolate jars. The waffles are also a must try. The shakes were also good.
-Himanshu Gupta